Super Girl season 2 episode 7 has shown you the importance of friendship and family but besides that it has shown you the importance of helping because when you help someone it may lead to better things. This also happened in Super Girl because you may or may not have expected but because of Super Girl’s help it has led to Mon-El to growing feelings for her. This only shows that when you help, it isn’t only because you were being nice it may lead to something more than being nice and that may be finding someone for you.


It isn’t hard to help someone who is in need. When you help someone as well, you shouldn’t think too much about it and that you should only do it because you know it can be good to help other people. Like Super Girl because of her tendency to help people without thinking of anything in return, her helpfulness has led Mon-El to develop feelings for her. Her kindness has paved the way for love and she would never have thought of that because helping is what she does and she enjoys helping people in need.


There will always be new roads open for you when you show kindness or a helping hand towards other people and because you have shown it without asking it. Whether you mean to or not helping will always lead to a better road for you. That is what Super Girl season 2 episode 7 is about, without knowing it because Super Girl has shown so much kindness to Mon-El, he was able to realize that he may like her. Never underestimate the power of helping because there will always be something good for you when you do good yourself.