Lately, parents wish to keep a proper good eye on their kids so that they will know that they won’t be exposed to such toxic information, imagery and interaction with other people for the world is not a pretty place to live in, but it is bearable. To become a good parent, exercising your parenting skills, you need to be sure that you kids won’t be watching porn, experiencing cyberbullying and talking to some stranger that might have been a red flag for trouble. To monitor their emails, their message, and their internet history content it is better to have a tool for you to use to block these things out.


This is where the Pros and Cons when using the Spyware App. There are a lot of them, and each of them of stronger points that make sense at the same time each of them has consequence.


Here are the Pros in using a Logiciel Espion Spyware app:

  • You can block porn knowing they are not old enough to watch.
  • You can check their emails, so there’s nothing suspicious about it that will bring them into danger.
  • You will give restrict some of the things that you deemed aren’t appropriate for kids.


But there is consequence for exercising this; it is, after all, spying with good intentions. Despite the good intentions you have to expect the kids, especially teenagers reaction for it. Here are the Cons in having the Logiciel Espion Spyware app:


  • They will rebel against you.
  • Trust is on the line.
  • Too much investing in monitoring and surveying their kid’s actions will likely suffocate them and making them feel imprisoned.


The best way to have both equal sides happy is to have communication. Talking is a good way to understand which part is where you not cross the line and how to approach in a delicate way. Kids value their privacy and parents wish to protect their kids from any harmful that is caused by the internet and the TV.  So, discussing the rules will help compromise each other until they all agreed to the terms that are laid out on the table.