If you have been playing Slither for a while now and gained some skin, then you know too well that you already have a big advantage against your competitors. But aside from this, there are also various slither.io cheats available around that you can utilize in order to play better of the game. Here are some tips that you really need to know:


Juking out enemies

If you want to get larger and larger, then you should know how to cut off another snake. Just make sure that you avoid being eaten in the process and timing is very important in order to execute this trick.


Try to steal kills from larger snakes

If you are still small and being targeted as their dinner, the best thing that you can do is to steal it from them. Just make sure that the coast is clear before you move in to attack too before you can eat the snake that they are trying to take down.


Pinning down the opponent

Take advantage of larger snakes around to make it as your barriers to pin down your target prey. Ride along with it and corner your target into the side of the snake before you get to eat them. just make sure that you don’t try to execute this trick in such a crowded place because it will give them a big opportunity to attack you. You will end up being the one who had been eaten.


There is no doubt that if you really wanted to make it to the top you should at least try to utilize the available slither.io cheats if you wanted to get larger, be the dominant one and take down smaller snakes around you so that people will remember you and your amazing skills in playing Slither.